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If you want to settle arrangements in respect of children following a separation or divorce then mediation is a cost effective way of doing so.  It allows you to make informed plans for the children's future whilst retaining control of the process.  

We have experienced child mediators who are experienced in speaking with children directly.  We will actively encourage child inclusive mediation throughout the mediation process.  There are many advantages such as: 

  •  knowing who will be speaking with the children compared to court proceedings where a cafcass officer you may not have met will be reporting back to the court.
  • the children will know that both parents support them in providing their wishes and feelings and so are more likely to provide their actual wishes and feelings.  Compared to court proceedings where the children may be reluctant to do so as the cafcass officer will report back to the court what is said by the child. 
  • It allows the children to express their true wishes and feelings in a confidential setting because the children decide what information is passed to the parents. 
  • There is flexibility about when and how many sessions there should be. 

The children will not be asked to make any decisions.  It is a way for the children to express how they may be feeling about a particular issue which is being discussed in mediation.  It gives them the opportunity to air their views about it. Children will only ever be seen with both parents consent and parental authority respected at all times. They do not have the burden of making any decision or choice and if they do not wish to attend they do not have to.  Sometimes children may simply benefit from feeling "heard."

Child Mediation may not be appropriate for children under the age of 10.  

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