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Frequently Asked Questions mediation services


What is Mediation 

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution. It is a way of resolving a dispute with the assistance of an impartial and independent mediator. 

At Apex Family Mediation we can help you sort out the arrangements for the children and help you reach a financial/property settlement. We can assist you where you may have separated or divorced or simply wish to agree matters relating to children. We can also assist you to vary agreements that may have been reached previously but which no longer work.

We also assist grandparents or other family members to make arrangements to see children where there may have been a breakdown of family relationships. 

Mediation can also be used to assist in any other family disputes.

What are the benefits of Mediation 

· You make the decisions 

· You retain control of important issues concerning you/your children/your finances.

· encourages dialogue and helps reduce hostility 

· assists you to make informed decisions

· reach decisions which are mutually acceptable to both of you 

· no winners and losers

· avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings 

· improves communication 

· discussions are facilitated by an independent, trained mediator 

· ensures you can continue to co parent your children in the future

What are the costs of Mediation

Mediation is a much cheaper option than going to court and is significantly cheaper than resolving disputes through solicitors/courts.  

The National Audit Office Report 'Legal Aid and Mediation for People involved in Family Breakdown' (2007) stated that the average cost saving was of £2,148.

Feel free to request our fees brochure if you wish to consider mediation. 

How long does the mediation process take.

The National Audit Office Report 'Legal Aid and Mediation for People involved in Family Breakdown' (2007) states that mediated cases take an average of 110 days (approx.4 months) as compared to 435 days (approx.15 months) for cases dealt with through the legal system.

When can I start Mediation 

At any stage, even if you are going through court proceedings. 

Who can use Mediation

· Separating or divorcing Parents – there are usually financial and property issues as well as arrangements for the children which need resolving.

· Grandparents/other relatives – you may wish to make arrangements to see the children of the family.

What if Mediation doesn’t work

If Mediation doesn’t work you still have the option of seeking legal advice from a solicitor and/or pursuing matters through the court. 

There are also other dispute resolution avenues which you can still explore if you haven’t managed to resolve your dispute. 

What is Co Mediation and what are the benefits

Co mediators are simply two mediators working as a team to assist the parties to reach an agreement. This is particularly helpful in more complex matters. It works particularly well when there are mediators from two different professional backgrounds who can work together in a complementary way.